Lush Dirty Styling Cream Review

dirty lush

As a guy who’s been using hair products since his early teens, it’s taken me into my twenties to find something which is cost effective and actually does what it says on the tin.

Lush’s Dirty Styling Cream as all of their products state is made from natural ingredients.

Upon my purchase of it I was slightly concerned at paying £6.75 for such a small tub but after my first use yesterday my mind was put to rest considering the amount you actually use. Literally a pea size amount will do the trick after you rub it into your fingers and palm.

With the Dirty Styling cream, you can easily achieve a natural matte finish without the typical gel shine and the product is strong enough to stay in place during the course of your day.

One of the biggest plus points about the cream is the smell which is described as ‘earthy pine, oakmoss and sandalwood’. It’s likely to get the thumbs up from the girls.

My hair’s pretty short with a longer fringe so I do add some hairspray afterwards but the general hold from the cream seems sufficient. The real test will come when the hair gets longer however all previous reviews I’ve seen online have been extremely positive so I highly suggest you get to your nearest Lush store and pick up a tub.


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