The Final Gtown Desi Radio Show

Glasgow’s Urban Asian collective, Gtown Desi pulled down the faders for one last time on their Friday night radio show, The ‘Weekend Warm Up’ after several years of hosting it.

Before I moved to London last January, I spent 4 years on the show getting a taster of exactly what becoming a radio presenter entails.

The opportunity was massive for myself as it allowed me to clock up the air miles and develop my presenting skills every week.

Shouts to the management at Awaz FM and of course Bobby B and Jay Jagpal for giving myself and Vinny (cousin) the chance to take the reigns.

My advice to anyone aiming to becoming a presenter is develop your craft, find your personality and build it. There’s few too many people who stand out anymore. Figure out what’s out there right now and then find your spot on the airwaves.

Radio certainly isn’t the easiest job to make a living out of but don’t ever give up if your dream means that much.



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