Rudimental – Feel the Love vs Not Giving In (Riffioso Remix)


Producer Riffioso has taken Hackney production crew, Rudimental’s two biggest hits and mashed them together to produce an ‘anthemic soulful piece of music’ as he puts it.

This is in fact a taster of a future project Riffioso is putting together which  he details below.

‘This is the first remix of many I’ve got coming soon under an album project I’m calling the Symphonies. The symphonies are about taking existing great songs and transforming them into emotional anthemic eruptions of orchestral and electro soundscapes. The aim is to show a different way of appreciating a song, similar to a remix but rather than changing it into a existing genre like Dubstep or House it changes the song more into alternate version of the original. Why does music always have to have digital drum sounds and glitchy electro breaks, I wanted to create something different from the norm and show a new side to mainstream music doesn’t have to be homogeneous‘.

Download below!




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