Blogging & Detox

Okay, there’s no doubt my lack of contribution to my blog over the last few months has been horrendous. The inconsistent posting and the lack of daily updates have left the site looking rather bare and empty since my profound laziness.

Well today I aim to rectify this and build momentum again just like when I first started ‘Keep It Gully‘ just under a year ago.

Enough with the chat now and onto something more productive which has been my new diet aka the Gully detox.

This detox is no more special than any other currently out there but it is refreshing for me considering I’ve now been sober for over 5 weeks now. Drink always seems to get in the way of my plans, pushes back my gym time and leaves my pockets rather loose after some 5/6 hours of shots, shots and shots.

So, in replacing the alcohol, I’ve upped my levels of fruit and veg and also my calorie intake. Being 6’3 does force me to consider my diet if I want to move away from the skinny Gully and veer more towards the hench Gully.

I’ve no plan to return to booze in the coming months so lets see just how much willpower I can generate before the festive party season arrives.

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