Starboy Nathan Explains X Factor

Earlier tonight, singer Nathan Fagan-Gayle was sent home by Nicole Scherzinger as he bowed out at the judge’s houses stage, just one short of making the live shows of the UK X Factor.

Since making his debut on the program a few weeks back during the auditions, the performer, more well known as Starboy Nathan, raised a few eyebrows due to his his involvement in the music industry dating back to 2004 when he was signed to the label V2.

As he explains in the video below however, not everything was as sweet as it appeared. As an independent artist, he even charted at No.23 in the UK charts with his single, ‘Diamonds‘.

With some questioning his involvement in the competition, me included, Nathan breaks down the past 8 years and you can’t help but feel some sympathy for the guy even though he’s certainly had more exposure than the majority of contestants combined.

Yet, having exposure and the odd radio play doesn’t deliver on all your hard work, instead, Nathan has been hit with various setbacks and lack of radio support even failing to catch the attention of radio with singles with the likes of Flo Rida and Wretch 32.

Perhaps this case is a wake-up call. How is it the singer in question can tour with artists such as The Wanted, JLS  and N-Dubz who have struck commendable commercial success yet radio and TV won’t get behind his movement?

There’s no doubt even from looking at his Twitter, the guys has got fans and of course I’m not naive to believe Twitter followers equal record sales but surely there’s something lost in translation here.

Anyway, watch the video and get an idea of Nathan’s choice to enter the competition which sadly ended for him. Maybe now though he’s closer to the gold trail than he’s ever been before.

We’re told time and time again by motivational speakers to rise up when we fall and each failure will bring us closer to our destiny.

I pray Nathan’s break is just around the corner.


Nathan talks about the recent passing of his dad amongst other issues in his new song, ‘Dark Room‘. Download the full track HERE


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