Nelly Furtado – Big Hoops (Review)

Anita Chiquita gives her verdict on Nelly’s new single Big Hoops.

According to the flat stomached, distinctively voiced lady, Nelly, (and the majority of women)… ‘The Bigger The Better‘. In this particular case were talking about hoops!!!!!

This heavy basslined stomper from the Canadian native (Portuguese heritage) has one of the catchiest hooks leading to a speeded up peak by a dubstep twist ed, put your hands in the air, go crazy upbuild towards the end!

She’s called upon hitmaker producer Darkchild (Telephone– Gaga/ Beyonce and Brandy and Monica’s The Boy Is Mine) for his skills.

Her hiatus (not including her first Spanish language album Mi Plan (2009)) after her Timbo collabos which have been her biggest hits to date (Promiscious Girl/ Say It Right/ Maneater) proves she hasn’t lost her mojo and returned with something solid, fresh and current. Not sure you can say its the same Furtado’s ‘Fly Like A Bird‘ vibe but she certifably keeps her unique spot in the industry by being herself.  From her ‘Back n Forth‘ reference to her quirky dress sense (check out her video) her music style has differed again but it just goes to show how versatile she actually is! The video directed by X and including the hippest hula hoopers and stilt acrobats only compliments the track!

Taken from her forthcoming album: ‘The Spirit Indestructable‘ which also includes a feature from heavyweight rapper Nas!

Ms Furtado delivers Big Hoops (Bigger the better) 3rd June via Interscope /MMG.




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