Tim Westwood To Leave 1xtra

They say all good things come to an end and the saying couldn’t be anymore truer as Tim Westwood departs from his BBC 1xtra drive-time slot 4pm-7 Monday-Friday.

Since taking over from Ace & Vis back in 2009, Westwood went from his regular Radio 1 Rap show slot to week day comedian delivering a whole section of whacky features and random chat engaging the listener on a new level.

Many probably thought the pioneering DJ would struggle to fill the position but his technique and execution gave the 1xtra drive-time slot new meaning.

Regular A-List artists, local UK acts, actors and celebs all featured along the way in some capacity creating some genius moments which helped the station in it’s continual rise and success.

Congratulations though are in order for Charlie Sloth who will take over from September 3rd as everyone expected.

Both individuals love Hip-Hop in their own right however I strongly believe nobody will fill Tim’s boots.

Even though I’m utterly gutted by the decision, I feel blessed to have been part of the show for over a year now. My vision when I moved down from Glasgow was to work on Tim’s show and within the 1st week I’d already done so. I can’t explain just how funny each day was and still is. The studio is like a revolving door as in you never quite know who might pop in.

Thank to Tim, Kerry and the production crew who I’ve worked with during my time on the show.

I can’t big up Tim enough for allowing me the chance to come on air.

With only a few months left I’ll be making the most of the jokes and experiences that remain before Tim concentrates on his Radio 1 Rap Show Saturday 9-11pm and his new Sunday show from 7-9pm.

Here are some of my own experiences on the Tim Westwood drive-time show on BBC 1xtra.


*6 mins in – I pose a question to Sneakbo*

* I translated some Scottish slang presented from a ‘couple’ on Jeremy Kyle’s show*

* Hot 6@6 countdown post 1xtra Mallorca 2011*




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