#WTT UK Tour – London May 20th (Review)

It’s often said especially within Hip-Hop that certain moments will forever go down in history as simply classic.

Take two heavyweights from the genre and throw them on a stage performing not only their #WTT material but also their individual material and it’s easy to see why Jigga and Kanye could pull of such a feat.

Arriving 20 minutes late to the biggest show in London city not only left me feeling nervous and tense but I was also concerned a little with the fact I’d paid £55 for a show I had no intentions of going to in the first instance upon ticket release.

Is bizarre is that paranoia now seems, I was utterly blown away!

I can’t even recall the single Jigga was performing when we arrived but the arena was packed to capacity with fans not just of Hip-hop in attendance but essentially music and powerful music at that.

The stage was set up in such a way that allowed fire flames to be blown vertically in sync with the music reminding us all just how intense this performance actually was.

I can’t be thankful enough for song choice selection as Jay-Z took his solo set between albums such as The Blueprint and The Black Album. Both pieces are most certainly some of his best work in his long spanning career.

From Izzo (H.O.V.A.), U Don’t Know, 99 Problems and Dirt Off Your Shoulder he even took it back to the 2000 club anthem, Big Pimpin‘.


Jay-Z and Kanye then realigned themselves together again only for the duo to be joined on stage by Rihanna with the trio performing Run This Town. The surprise was refreshing and by this point already, paying £55 was seemingly justifiable.

With Kanye, I always seemed to connect with him more as an artist over Jay-Z and most other rappers for that matter. Many people consider him an assh*le for various reasons but you can’t doubt the man’s artistic ability which was even more evident as he shone from the stage to a rising cube in the middle of the arena.

With an epic laser effect show, Mr West dug into his earlier hits including Stronger and Good Life before emerging once again with Rihanna and Jigga to deliver on All Of The Lights.

The adrenaline rushes were in abundance at this point.


Jay-Z rose from his own cube smashing out On To The Next One.


The duo concluded with back to back selections from the #WTT album before they left the stage only to return to a demanding crowd for one more tune.

Not only did they provide one more tune, they performed Paris for a total number of 6 times!  #EPIC

Kanye’s last words of the night included, ‘if this is your first ever concert, it’s all downhill from here!’

I couldn’t agree more..

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