Signings of The Times

The recent signing to US label owned by Rick Ross; Maybach Music (I know you heard that sexy British accent saying that from every Rozay smash) is former B2K’s semi-persistent member Omarion.

This took me a wonder about recent label activity- with announcements this year such as Christina Milian and Busta Rhymes signing to the the Young Money Family (whose puppeteer is Birdman) triggered thoughts as to whether these camps are snapping up artists for the sake of owning as many artists as possible. You could say its a game of chess…Yes….Birdman and Rick Ross are ‘Queens of Hip Hop’!

It seems as though these movements (only diagonally of course) are more to do with domination and creating a sense of being successful individually only if you belong to a certain camp. We could go back and look at Bad Boy and say, yeah 112, Faith Evans, Total and Mase all complemented Puff Daddy but where are they all now? Its apparent times are changing but also jeopardising music by concentrating on quantity over quality. For example, quality songstress Rita Ora who was signed to Jay Z‘s Rocafella Records many years ago is only now getting her well deserved shine unfortunately as a RiRi replacement! What about artist development I hear you say? Hmmm, do business entrepreneurs such as Jigga Man sign those who need so much grooming when there are singers/ rappers out there who already have the ‘entire package’? Bridget Kelly (Rocafella) and Teedra Moses (Maybach Music) are also other artists who spring to mind.

So, do we as music bods actually care who owns who? or do packs actually work better for us in numbers? Maybe you get to have your shine in time, but don’t forget to pass the mic to the one who will replace you!

Anita Chiquita ๐Ÿ™‚

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