EPL 2011/12 Finale

With the season 2011/12 already voted the best Premiership year, the conclusion of the title had yet to be decided going into the very last day as both Manchester clubs battled it out to the death quite literally in superb fashion.

City on paper had the easier of challenges in order to seal their first title in 44 years. QPR arrived at the Etihad with their own Premiership survival at stake so essentially there was much to play for.

In the North-East of the UK, Man Utd required a win against Sunderland  to keep the pressure on league leaders (goal difference) and noisy neighbours City .

What unfolded was quite spectacular and proved just why the EPL is considered the most exciting league in the world.

Of course we all now know about City’s exploits securing the title 2 mins after Utd’s game had concluded.

Breathtaking, unbelievable are only some words used to describe what exactly occurred. City adopted Utd’s never die attitude and created history as manager Roberto Mancini joined the ranks with the likes of Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti and Arsene Wenger.

Check out the reaction of Paul Merson representing on Sky Sports News below as City close in on the title in dramatic fashion.



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