Tigi Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax (Review)


Following on from conversations with friends who run their own respective blogs it seems they all have an outside interest bar music whether it be fashion, video games or technology.

If I’m really honest about it, I do consider myself a healthy individual however not enough to post mass pieces on gym techniques and various supplements to compliment workouts.

The next thing I can think of I’m passionate about is hair!

After using hair products for the last 15 years or so I’ve been through a fair few with mixed results to say the least.

Many companies encourage you for example to use small and generous amounts to maximize results yet I’ve always found no matter what I use it doesn’t give me that lasting, dry and natural effect.

After several Google searches, I came across the Tigi Bed Head range and in particular the ‘Matte Separation Workable Wax’.

Without writing more than absolutely necessary, this product gets a major thumbs up from myself. Not only is it well packaged, it smells great and the amount seems to last forever. In this case, less is more as the product retains enough strength to give a decent but natural hold for several hours during a busy day. I tend to use hairspray to give it an extra edge however the wax alone for short hair does wonders.

I’d recommend though using a hairdryer before-hand to create your own specific shape and then apply.

Even though some may consider £10 for hairwax a tad expensive, it does go a long way and outlasts anything I’ve used in the past.

The Gatsby range impressed me initially as I tried their purple, grey and pink range but Tigi’s package is a little more effective.

I’d rate it 5/5 and without doubt a definite purchase for all those investing in Summer cuts for the coming months.

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