David Stewart – Lay on the Bonnet (Official Video)

I was locked into Mistajam lastnight and fortunate enough to hear David Stewart‘s debut single, Lay on The Bonnet.

The name itself sounded rather plain and I made no connection to the actual David Stewart I’d been following on Twitter for the last year or so. It was in fact the same person, as in David Stewart who plays guitar for Example.

I was literally blown away after Jam played it once and decided to reload it and rightfully so.

You can’t help but make the comparison to the The Weeknd when you hear the song but it certainly holds it own as Stewart demonstrates in his lyrics, voice and arrangement.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it tops the efforts of The Weeknd as it’s only one track but the package itself is strong and I’m really excited to hear his forthcoming 10-track project, Late Night Viewing which features band mate Example, Wretch and Yasmin.

Follow the man on Twitter.



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