Spartanfam Homework With TY


We’re only in March which should generally suggest we’re in the season of Spring but looking out the window it appears to be an early Summer for the UK.

Then again if you’ve got yourself a holiday booked to one of the party islands such as Ibiza it isn’t too late to get in shape.

Check out Chaka‘s quick workout with rapper TY as he puts him through his paces.

Anyone can literally pull this off within a bedroom or even your own garden as show above.

Tweet Chaka with any questions or let him know about your progress.

Good luck!

SCHEDULE *2x Per Day*

Press ups 15
Tricep dips 15
Sit ups with punches 15
Squat jumps 20
Full plank to half plank 15
Back of the hand on the floor to burpees 20

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