Glasgow Limmy Calls Danny Dyer

Initially I was led to believe this call was made by Brian Limond from Limmy’s Show however I’ve had confirmation as you can see in the comments below that it was in fact, David who goes by the same nickname.

Be warned, there are some racist remarks thrown in here but the call is hilarious.

I’m still a massive fan of Limmy’s Show (Brian) which aired for several series’ on BBC Scotland. His stuff isn’t your run of the mill sketch program which is why I find him so funny.

Here’s some webcam material raw and uncut.

2 responses to “Glasgow Limmy Calls Danny Dyer

  1. Mate you’ve got this all wrong.

    It’s David “Limmy” Limond (Brian’s older brother and me) that made this call to Danny Dyer.

    I realise that having the same nickname is Brian can be confusing but I’ve been called Limmy since the 70’s and my wife and ex wife both have “Limmy” tattooed on their arses so it’s not like I can pick new nickname now is it ?

  2. Oh and I just seen you changed your blog to say it was his brother.

    If I was young enough I’d say “my bad” but I’m not so I’ll say “my mistake”

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