PS Vita – #PSVita Rooms

12 hours before the release of the much anticipated PS Vita, I headed down to Oxford Street to the #PSVita Rooms inviting gamers to get a hands on experience with the device with several titles on display too.

I don’t claim to be much of a gaming enthusiast like in my teenage years however portable gaming can essentially be for anyone given a wide enough variety of titles for the consumer.

With the 1st ever handheld device being released back in 1990, the Game Boy, things have most definitely pushed forward to February 2012 in the name of the Vita.

Gamers may own either a Nintendo DS or perhaps a PSP, unfortunately I don’t have much experience with either however I can certainly say playing the Vita is surely a step up with it’s sophisticated graphics engine and modern inbuilt technology.

It comes fitted with both a front and rear camera, multi-touch pad, built in microphone as well as Wi-Fi location service support and built-in GPS (3G/Wi-Fi model only)

Playing titles such as ‘Wipeout 2048‘  and ‘Uncharted – Golden Abyssdemonstrate the awesome power of Sony’s new toy.

With a starting price of £209 (Amazon) it’s hard to see the Vita falling short of admirers. It packs a punch and serves up hours of fun with more than 50 titles already available when the game launches tonight.

Check out the full review over at Marcus Bronzy‘s site. The image below showcases the Vita’s augmented reality which allows gamers the opportunity to seize their current environment and adapt it into their game. In this case, we had some fun with ‘Reality Fighters‘.

Thanks to the Vita staff who gave us a full insight into the equipment.

Shoutout to the loyal faithful too who were parked outside awaiting the midnight release. #Dedication




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