David Haye and Dereck Chisora Brawl

Just when you thought it was impossible for British boxing’s reputation to undergo any further damage following Dereck Chisora‘s pre/post match incidents with the Klitschko brothers, him and fellow Londoner, David Haye ended up in a post-fight conference brawl.


After losing to WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, Chisora locked horns with Haye after a heated exchange with the pair trading verbal blows before Chisora raised up off his seat to confront him.

Prior to it only moments so, Haye was involved  in a dispute with Klitschko’s promoter, Bernd Boente.

Taken from the Guardian website – “You had an offer,” Boente screamed from the podium, “you didn’t accept it, now you are out. You are out! Out, out, out! You cannot talk yourself back into the fight, you have no belts. Chisora showed heart. You showed your toe.”

Chisora claimed he was bottled by Haye with Haye’s own trainer, Adam Booth receiving a gash to the head during the scrap after David had apparently swung around a camera tripod which connected with him in the face.

The talk now, is a clash between Chisora and Haye with the winner facing off against one of the Klitschko’s.

German promoter Boente said, “The brawl tonight calls for a box-off between Haye and Chisora, and the winner fights one of the Klitschkos. [Haye and Chisora] would make a lot of money in the UK.”

Police were then called to the scene before questioning both individuals with Chisora screaming, “He glassed me! He glassed me! I’ll shoot him, I’ll shoot him.”

The worst case scenarios for the fighters would be in losing their licenses with a heavy fine expected too.

I’m not one for undue violence however 10/10 for entertainment. Surely Vince McMahon (WWE) would be proud of the spectacle from lastnight.

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