Valentine’s Advice & Gift Ideas (For Guys)


It’s that time of the year again were the pressure is on to pull out all the stops for your other half.

If like me, you’re single, then tomorrow is just another day however if you’ve left it to the last-minute as many guys may have done so, Jim Chapman is here to rescue your sorry ass!

The guy is so on point with men’s fashion, grooming, fitness and everything in between that faces the modern-day man.

Have a great day with your partner tomorrow but I must admit, I’m with Jim on the issue of Valentines.

One day of the year to express love with gifts etc should be spread across many throughout the course of the year. Then again, perhaps I’m just bitter and single, ha!

Just on a last note, if you do happen to forget, please avoid purchasing flowers from your local garage, they’re always better knocked from the neighbour’s garden 🙂

Happy Valentines Day x



One response to “Valentine’s Advice & Gift Ideas (For Guys)

  1. Hi Guys
    do you begrudge all the hype about Valentines, why is it so damned important?? Apart from the obvious commercial aspect, the oneupmanship ( or should that be the oneupwomanship?) attached to what gifts were exchanged, it often highlights that awful word “commitment.”
    If you find that scary, it could be that you have not found your greatest love of all, yes, as the song goes, it is deep love for yourself. If you don’t feel loveable, then how can you think about loving someone else?

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