The Wonderful World Of Roses Gabor Vol. 1

I highly recommend you download this new and 1st ever mixtape from the voice that is Roses Gabor. Mixed by Martelo, it features some of the singers most renowned material to date as well as some mash-ups and covers.

Props to First Up


Roses Gabor x Mac Band – ‘Stupid Roses Are Red’ ft. The MC Campbell Bros **
Roses Gabor x Dizzee Rascal – ‘Loco’ Freestyle **
Brey – ‘Zylo’
Dead Prez – ‘Radio Frequency’
J2K ft. Roses Gabor x Offshore – ‘Don’t Let Go Of The Pacer’ **
Gorillaz – ‘DARE’ ft. Roses Gabor
Roses Gabor x Funkin Matt – ‘Zee’ Freestyle **
Roses Gabor x Dr. Gonzo ft. Hudson Mohawke & Carli – ‘Fat Lady Loves Hummus’ Freestyle **
Greenmoney – ‘Into You’ (French Fries Remix) ft. Roses Gabor
Boddika – ‘Breezin’
TWR72 – ‘Paradox’
Roses Gabor ft. Kaigama – ‘See Me Inna’
Dr. Gonzo – ‘That Laughin Track’ ft. Style of Eye & Carli
Roses Gabor – ‘Luvsick’
Redlight – ‘Stupid’ (Instrumental)
SBTRKT – ‘Pharaohs’ ft. Roses Gabor
The Phantom – ‘Voyeur’
Roses Gabor feat DSV & Theophilus London – ‘Kisses’
Instra:Mental – ‘Vicodin’
Ty x Starkey – ‘Heart Is A Miracle’ ft. Roses Gabor (Martelo ReThink) **
Roses Gabor – ‘Mo1′
Hudson Mohawke – ‘All Your Love’
Swindle – ‘Spend Is Dough’ ft. Roses Gabor
Roses Gabor – ‘Rosie’s Advantage’ (Freestlye Vibe/Interlude)
Roses Gabor – ‘Spanish Inquisition’ ft. Jammer

**additional production by Martelo

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