MTV’s Best Of The Best: UK MCs 2011

MTV Best Of The Best UK MC’s is ready to air tomorrow night at 9.30pm on MTV Base with a selected panel choosing their top 5 countdown of their favourite UK MC’s.

Last year in particular caused a certain degree of controversy with MC’s biting back through music in disagreement with the choice.

This year’s program reflecting on 2011 has already stirred up some talking points as number’s 10-6 have been made available for the public to watch online.

The panel is as follows with Vis from BBC 1xtra acting as the host.

Charlie Sloth (BBC Radio 1Xtra / Radio 1 DJ)

Posty (CEO of

Morgan Keyz (SB.TV Music Video Director)

Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (Editor of MTV: The Wrap Up)

Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan (Music Journalist)

Nardene Scott (RWD Magazine Senior Writer)

There were specific categories the MCs had to tick in order to be considered.

Watch the rundown from 10-6 on MTV’s site.

Also, check out Chipmunk‘s views on the top 10 criteria and his own selection of UK talent he felt dominated 2011.

For me personally, I’m not across a lot of the selected MCs as much as I should be so it was more of an education than anything.

What’s your thoughts on the rundown so far?

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