Introducing Project Alfie – ‘Beggin’ (Official Video)

Finally I’ve received some quality music for submission on my blog in the name of Project Alfie. The initial attraction to opening the email this evening was the act name and then upon opening there were press shots and a bio attached with full information.

Perhaps I’ve been sleeping on this 25-year-old from London as various other blogs have already featured him but it’s only 2 weeks into the new year so better late than never!

Project Alfie has some real soul and warmth with a doubt. Beggin is a strong single which clearly demonstrates the boy’s talent.

As well as covering the Rihanna/Calvin Harris smash, We Found Love in such a smooth fashion, he released a mixtape a few weeks back also, reworking hip-hop classics such as Dr Dre’s Still Dre & Nas’ Nas Is Like.

I’m predicting a big future for Project Alfie only after hearing just a few songs.

Download the mixtape HERE and watch the video for Beggin below.

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