My 2011 Highlights

From moving down from Glasgow to London within the 1st week of 2011 I could never have imagined how great the next 12 months would actually be.

Leaving behind your family and friends and everything you’ve become accustomed can be difficult for anyone especially when you’re arriving in your chosen destination without a job. However I did have a flat and some money which was certainly helped my situation.

Compared to any other year, 2011 is right up there as I found myself actually waking up and pursuing something worthwhile.

My 2nd week in London presented me with the opportunity to work on Ed Sheeran‘s 1st ever official press day. After the success of his No.5 Collaborations EP and Ed signing his record deal, I knew London was the place for me. Thanks to Sian for getting me on board.

After working 6 weeks in a call centre, I was offered the chance of returning to 1xtra in a production role. Before I came to London, I visualised being based on Tim Westwood‘s drivetime show in some capactity. I believe in the law of attraction and this only reinforced my belief as I was placed across his show for the first few months.

Literally the A-Z of artists/guests from the UK and the US passed through from my time in March right up till now.

My personal favourites included meeting JME, Paul Chowdhry and Big Sean.

I even got the chance to ask Sneakbo a question when he popped in to 1xtra *6 mins*

I delivered some guest mixes from Spring onwards for the likes of CJ Beatz, DJ Stylus and DJ Bronzy.

When Radio 1 announced their Big Weekend in Carlisle I knew I had to go. This proved to be the first of many full on weekends. I witnessed the Swedish House Mafia tear up their set, Mistajam smash his Dubstep set in the outdoor stage and Calvin Harris deliver some big house tunes in wet and windy Carlisle.

As well using my flat as a party pad throughout the Summer, myself and fellow Glaswegian flatmate decided to catch some sun in Mallorca during 1xtra’s weekend out there. With another Glaswegian bound for the Island, it was sure to be epic.

I can’t remember partying so hard in the space of 4 days.

Each and every night we visited our 2nd home in Mallorca’s BCM club in the VIP spot.  Thanks to Gordon, Paul, Sophie and the entire staff for the hospitality. It was emotional leaving ;(

1xtra spent their first Summer out in Mallorca and we embraced it with open arms. Again, swinging from the VIP balcony screwing the lightbulbs to Panjabi MC and mixing with the Hollyoaks crew, it was one messy day and one long night. I don’t recall much!

When I got back, Westwood invited me on his show to recap on my time there. Listen below, there’s some serious jokes!

Towards the latter end of the year I made it to some exclusive events including the COD: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Party. Spotting some of the female TOWIE cast, I had to get a snap.This was also the same night the Joey Barton vs TOWIE beef started on Twitter. He was on fine form with his Tweets lol

There’s really so much more I could mention but overall 2011 has been wicked! I expect 2012 to be even bigger and better as long as my work fold increases. S/O to everyone I’ve met and worked with.

Happy New Year and all the best in pursuing your dreams.

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