Hurricane Bawbag – The Trampoline


As gale force winds of up to 165mph swept across Scotland, a scene, not quite in the same reign as Cloverfield or Godzilla, brought some slight comedy value to the extreme conditions.

Watch the video above as an onlooker captures the moment when a trampoline rolls down the street unassisted.

A truly bizarre moment which is reflected in the dialogue between son and mother –

Son : Oh my god trampoline, trampoline!
Maw : Oh yah c*nt!
Son : Oh my god, oh my god!

For those unaware of the term ‘Bawbag’, please refer to the Urban Dictionary.

My favourite definition –

Scots, literally “ball bag”: scrotum (derogatory)
The guy who put the original definition for bawbag appears to be a bit of a bawbag!


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