Jay Sean Glasgow Update

Most people have still been left dazed and confused at to why Jay Sean‘s Glasgow date was pulled ahead of his ‘Money & the  Mistress’ tour.

He spoke to Brit-Asian a few days back regarding this to put his version of events across to the fans.

Mumzy was rumoured to be the supporting act for your Glasgow date, but was allegedly changed last-minute, tell us what happened?

The funny thing is nobody else was announced to be on the bill, apart from me, Skepta and Talay Riley, that’s it.

The Glasgow event was always penciled in, it was never confirmed initially. For it to be fully confirmed it needed to be the same format as all my other shows, a full band, a full show, full lighting, full TV visuals the whole lot.

When I saw it advertised as an entirely different event, with different support acts, I knew something had gone wrong and someone was spreading a rumour about that date, I had to put an end to that.

Check out the full interview over at the Brit-Asian website.

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