The Fight of Their Lives

In February 1995 at the London Arena, Nigel Benn faced off against US boxer Gerald McClellan in an infamous world championship bout forever remembered for all the wrong reasons.

In an almost Hollywood-esque tale, both fighters fought their most brutal fight with the clash ending in the 10th round.

Gerald ‘The G-Man‘ McClellan was rushed from the arena in an ambulance as he lay in a coma for 2 weeks after. The damage suffered in the battle left him with brain damage.

Watch the documentary which explores the happenings before and during the event.

Before viewing this, I wasn’t aware of the fight at all. It’s truly powerful and emotional stuff. Anyone who dares step into the ring deserves full respect.

“This was a truly great fight. It fulfilled the prophecy.” (Don King)

That was one of the classics. Like the Rumble in the Jungle. (Brendan Ingle)

Watch ‘The Fight of Their Lives’ on the ITV Player.

On Tuesday 13th December (9pm), ITV4 there will be an extended 90-minute version.

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