Exclusive Interview With BBC 1xtra DJ:Nick Bright

I caught up with 1xtra’s very own weekend breakfast DJ, Nick Bright as returned fresh off the back of 1xtra Live.

The die-hard Arsenal fan spoke about the recent tour, his tv debut, working with Cher Lloyd and his recent gaming annihilation courtesy of producer Labrinth. Check it out below!

You’ve just came back off 1xtra Live, how was the entire experience?

1Xtra Live for me was absolutely wicked, to be involved with anything the station does is an honour but 1Xtra Live holds a special significance as it is the flagship event of the year for 1Xtra. I really enjoyed warming up in Manchester and Birmingham, you kind of get the bug for it I’m not gonna lie, when my time was up I just wanted to carry on playing! It was also mad as the gigs were the biggest crowds I’ve played to, although I’ve gotta say I didn’t feel nervous, just excited to get on the decks and do my thing. Overall as well I loved the whole ‘going on tour’ vibe, it’s something two years ago when I was still at uni I could only have dreamed of so to be going from city to city representing the station was heavy, cannot wait to get on the bus next year!

Did you feel nervous making your TV debut?

Haaaa!! I didn’t you know, but I think it’s because I didn’t really have time to think about it. It was a kind of off the cuff thing that the team doing all the red button stuff came up with and before I could blink we were on. As someone who has always been involved with radio where you can say things and make funny faces and wave your arms about and no one will ever know it was strange thinking about how to sit or where to rest my arms and that but other than that stuff I just took it in my stride…..I think, I might have looked like a right mug, who knows!?

Who gave the best performance across the 4 cities?

Wow, it was such a big line up across the 4 days BUT if I had to pick a stand out performer for me it has to be Wretch 32 from Manchester Apollo on the Monday. He really owned the stage with a full band and some special guests popping up too plus when you’ve followed someone’s career for a long time and seen where they’ve come from it’s a really nice feeling.

How’s your 1xtra show going at the moment?

The show for me is going really well, the numbers are up so the boss is happy!! Seriously though I’m really enjoying myself, probably having the time of my life doing a job which I can’t believe I’ve landed. I used to do community and student radio and was prepared to give up my time for free to be on air so the fact I get paid to do something I would do for nothing is amazing. Also I’m really enjoying meeting and networking with a lot of artists and checking out their music and considering it for my ‘Shut Up & Listen’ which in a nut shell is my track of the weekend. Sometimes I still have to sit back and think ‘I’m on the same station as guys I used to look up to and listen to every week’ the likes of Cameo, Trevor Nelson, Mistajam, Westwood, it’s mad and really humbling at the same time, now my job is to become as established as these guys!

Your entry into the station and then presenting was pretty unique, what advice would you give people aiming to get into radio?

I suppose it was in a way as most people either come though the ‘DJ route’ of being a big DJ in the clubs and then getting onto a radio station or the ‘celeb route’ which I’m sure you can work out yourself. For me I came through what I’m calling the ‘Annie Mac route‘, basically I worked at 1Xtra in production and then was asked to put in a demo which I did and then was offered a show, similar to Annie Mac…..hence why I called it the Annie Mac route. It wasn’t that simple of course, that’s the short story but it sums it up much quicker! As for advice, don’t follow a ‘guide’, even though above I mentioned routes these are very different and never the same, every DJ or presenter has a different story as to how they made it on air, obviously get involved with a radio station whether it’s a community station or if you’re at uni joining your student station is a must. Have a look at the stuff on the radio academy website as it is very useful, if you do a show already when you feel like you’ve done a good link make a note of it and maybe think about collating some ‘best bits’ which you can use for a demo and MOST importantly, persevere….if you’re told no, don’t get depressed or upset, this is media, you’ll be told no 100 times until you get a yes, pick yourself up and keep going!

Anyone you’ve particularly enjoyed interviewing?

Probably when I had Lethal Bizzle and Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong in, they’re really good mates and as Lethal and myself are both Arsenal fans there was lots of banter flying about. As they are both Ghanaian we quizzed them head to head on the county too which Lethal lost massively and then they went up against each other in a ‘selector battle’ which Lethal won, imagine if he didn’t! I was lucky though as I managed to get Manny (Emmanuel) in through Lethal and it was during the summer so just before he was promoted to the Arsenal 1st team, now I have a good relationship with him and he wants to come back on the show with a couple more ballers which is great for me!

You’ve done some work with Cher Lloyd, how did that come about?

The Cher Lloyd stuff is something that I thought would never have come my way, especially as I was just someone who watched her on X-Factor the same as everyone else, I never expected to meet her let alone do some work alongside her. Basically my management also do some work with Syco and they have a good relationship, I know Cher is keen to maintain a link with the 1Xtra audience so when it came round to doing a U-Stream for her album playback it was just organic and natural that it came my way. Since then we did another U-Stream a couple of days before the album dropped and we plan on doing the same every time the lady has an announcement of some kind to make.

Tell us about your recent Celebrity Gaming club experience with Labrinth?

Yeah, this was real fun man, it’s a new online show that I have started presenting, it’s with the Celebrity Gaming guys and basically I get to go round in the back of a wicked kitted out van playing games against celebs and stars, it’s a hard life I tell ya! The one with Lab is the first one in the series, we shot it at 1Xtra Live in Manchester as we were all up there anyway. Lab is a big gamer too, he was telling us that he loves Tekken and a bit of COD too, it’s something that when we had the meeting about I was instantly excited, games are a massive part of most young people’s lives so it was a no brainer for me, I’m really looking forward to getting more CGC interviews sorted and hopefully watching the project go from strength to strength.

Watch the video here.

What’s your work schedule like over Xmas? Anything special in the bag?

Myself and Mr Charlie Sloth are presenting the 1Xtra Breakfast Show for two weeks over Christmas, from the 19th we will be covering for Twin B which should be a madness! I’ve got a really good relationship with Charlie, he’s like my big brother man, we started on the station at exactly the same time and we’ve always had a laugh together so I’m really looking forward to two weeks of madness with him. Other than that I’ll be DJing over Christmas and New Year, just finalising dates and stuff now. I don’t think I’m gonna get to see my mum and dad over Xmas though as me and Charlie have to do the breakfast show on Boxing day, that 5am alarm call is gonna be a killer!


If you didn’t support Arsenal, who would your loyalty lie with?

Wow!!!!!! This is a tough question because Arsenal are the BEST, maybe not in trophies and all that but who cares about trophies!? I would have to say the giant killing, Man Utd slapping Crystal Palace as I’m from an area called South Norwood which is right round the corner from Selhurst Park where Palace play their home games, my old local team baby!

Favourite TV program and why?

Now if you listen to my show you will know that I’m a complete telly addict, so much so I even have a feature called that, but if I had to pick one programme that I’ve watched consistently for years and years it has to be Eastenders. I’ve been watching the crew from Albert Square for donkey’s years and a personal goal of mine is to somehow appear on the show…….hint hint!

Celebrity Crush?

I dunno really? I’d say Rihanna because she’s good-looking but no doubt she’s probably real high maintenance!!

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