Simply The Becks!


David Beckham looks set to bow out on his 5 year spell at LA Galaxy after helping his team lift the MLS cup.

Time in time out critics have written off Beckham disputing whether he can still cut it at the top level at the age of 36. In fairness, we all know the MLS isn’t up to the standard of the top European leagues but the man played the entire game lastnight having torn a hamstring only 4 days earlier.

It may be easier for me to say being a Scotsman in all but Beckham should be at least considered for England heading into Euro 2012.

The bookies already have PSG down as favourites to sign him which would certainly cap an amazing career having had success in England, Spain and now the U.S.

Congratualtions also to Robbie Keane. After leading the Rep Of Ireland into Euro 2012 for next Summer he picks up silverware at Galaxy too. Not bad for a weeks work!

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